Friday, April 13, 2012

Golden anniversary card

I've mentioned that I seem to only make sympathy cards when I need them, but I do the same with wedding cards.  When I saw the "Joyful" or "Celebratory" theme at SSIC this week, I decided to make a wedding card.  At least, I started out with that as my goal.   As the card was coming together with all the gold and sparkly paper and ribbon, I realized it would be great for a Golden (50th) anniversary.   And I will need one this summer, so I will save it for that.  50 years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate!!
(What???  A card done early????!!???? Who has taken over my body??!!??)

I am so blessed!  Two years ago, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary.   At their Open House, among the friends and family that came, there were more than 10 couples there that had already celebrated 50 years!!  Growing up, I was surrounded by good examples and am so thankful!!
My hubby and I will be halfway there next year! :)

Stampin' Sisters in Christ #134 - joyful; celebratory

~Martha Stewart and Slice papers
~Fiskars (I think) stamp
~punches, gold ink, ribbon, and button 

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Gwen said...

Beautiful! You have such a great style.

Kristine said...

wow, so sparkly! Lovely card and congrats on 24 wedded years of bliss Debbie :) I'm only at ... 16 years. Seems like 25 though, HA!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I had another gal ask me about how I created it and I'm mulling over doing a tutorial. I did find one on Youtube although I had to do it a bit differently as my digi was not colored in. But I downloaded inkscape - it's free! And figured most of it out by googling create an svg with inkscape. Might help you out? I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get a tutorial made lol. :)

onecraftymama said...

We'll hit 16 this year too...and yep, feels like 25 or 50 ;)
As for getting a card done early, if that happened to me I'd just sit & stare blankly....and figure I'd end up somehow setting it on fire or spilling coffee on it to make up for being early with it! lol
I love this gorgeous card - and the couple will be sure to treasure it!

Glenda Atkins said...

Perfect for a 50th; beautiful card Debbie and just think you do not have to think about a card for it later. Time well spent!

Notes by Nina said...

Stunning card, all the gold is fantastic.


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