Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cute kitties!

I don't have a creation to post today so I was enjoying my blog reading and heard a funny noise.  I thought, "Oh, no! Not another squirrel or bird in the wall!"  Then I realized the stirring sound was in the room with me.  I looked up and saw one of our cats on the top of my dining room hutch!!!  So instead of yelling at him, I grabbed my camera. :)

Patch!! He is often in strange places!!!

But he is so fun!!

Pixie is his sister and she is a sweetheart!!!

Peanut was here first and wants us to know it!  He acts like a teenager!!
He is so curious about the outdoors!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my kitties!


My Crafting Channel said...

They are adorable. We have 2, Georgie and Grayson. Georgie is out teenager and Grayson is the calm one.

Loved seeing pics of your kitties.

Hugs Nana
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Lisa said...

Your kitties are absolutely adorable!! :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Jenée said...

Debbie, I am owned by two very special kitties -- an old lady and a youngster. I had another one who looked much like your Peanut -- long fur, plume tail -- however, she was killed this past Nov., and I have yet to recover from that one. She was such a "lover" and I miss her very much. However, our youngster is a clown so keeps us laughing instead of crying for our loss. My old lady is going on 13 now. She is my sweetie!

Thank you for sharing the photos of your kitty-babies. I love our two dogs (a black Lab and a Shepherd), but felines are my real soft spot!

Scrapper69 said...

GRreat Pictures.... They're all adorable! :o)


Diane said...

Debbie, I just found your blog by following your creation for our Stampin' Sisters in Christ challenge this week.. I love your creations and your blog. I serve on the design team at SSIC...and mentioned to you that I'm also a pastor's wife. I was going to email you to ask you something, but I couldn't find an email address. So I apologize for my note here. Would you mind emailing me so I can chat that way? Thank you sooo much, and blessings on your day. Diane Noble

Glenda Atkins said...

Aww Debbie, thanks for the pictures they are delightful! Patch and Pixie are beautiful looking felines and they look as adorable as you say they are! Yeah, Peanuts looks like he would really like to be outside!

onecraftymama said...

It's hard to get the camera fast enough in those moments! Usually as soon as my cats are noticed being naughty they scatter :) I love all these pictures. I'll tell you my funny cat story about the outdoors - ours are all indoor cats too. Maggie has ripped a big hole in the screen door, and hops outside the second she gets a chance. Gertie LOVES outside, and escapes whenever she can....but she will NOT go through that hole. She wants to be let in & out like a lady, we say.

Asha said...

They're adorable! Never a dull moment, eh?


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