Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a wonderful trip so Scotland!!!  Eight people from our church, including my husband, our 14 yr old daughter, and I, went to visit one of our missionaries.  The Lord worked and the missionaries were very encouraged!  

We had great weather!!  It was warm and sunny most of the time there!  (Then we came home and it snowed a little the next day!!)  Here's just a few pics (just a few of the 1,197 I took!) that don't even come close to truly showing the beauty of this wonderful country!  But I tried! :D

The coastline as we flew into Aberdeen

Beautiful countryside!

Picturesque town of Macduff

The town of Cullen on North Sea

The ruins of Findlater Castle

Duff House in Banff
(I got to play a 1890's fully restored Bechstein here!!)

Gorgeous scenery everywhere!!

Sand dunes along the North Sea just north of Aberdeen

Loch Ness

Portsoy Harbour... built in the 1700's

Dunnottar Castle in the fog... kinda creepy!

Fyvie Castle

Coastal town of Pennan

St. John's Kirk... built in 1004!!!

How cool is this???  It's Windsor Castle as we flew into London

I saved the best 'til last.... 

Oh my goodness!!!  There's Nessie!!!  :-)
One of our group made took this.  ;-)

Thanks for looking!! 


Lisa said...

Oh Debbie - these pictures are just absolutely fabulous! Scotland is on the top of my list of places I want to visit. Your pictures make me want to go so bad! And the last one, with Nessie in the background is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Notes by Nina said...

These are stunning pictures, thank you so much for sharing.


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