Sunday, January 30, 2011

MTC Designs - Argyle card & music border 'punch'

I love Argyle!  I've thought it would be nice on a card, so I used MTC and made a file to cut a panel of it.  This is a 5" x 7" card.  If you are part of the MTC_Tut Yahoo group, the file is available in "Debbie's Designs" folder in the shared files.
Cricut's 12x24 cardstock is awesome!  It cuts so easily and smoothly!  These were multicut 2x.  The colors are better in person!

What I used:
bottom layer--dk purple Cricut cardstock
second layer--light purple Cricut cardstock
third layer--yellow Cricut cardstock
top layer--white Cricut cardstock
ribbon and stamp from my stash

I saw a border punch at Joann's and thought, "I could make that effect in MTC."  So I came home and tried.  I like it!  I made files for edges for the top and both sides and an accent piece.  I welded the file to a rectangle to get the size of an A2 card.  I wanted to just test it out so grabbed the first color I came across... Oops!  I'm not an orange fan.  But it cut so well that I decided to make a card with it.  The stamp is from J's and was on clearance... now I know why... the stamp was not cut cleanly and that's why 'WISHES' looks messy.  

What I used:
orange and black (behind cut out) Cricut cardstock
$1 ribbon
pre-cut circle (pkg was $.01 and M's!!!)
messy stamp :D

This file is also in the MTC group.  I am going to try to find a way to put files on here... I'm new to all of this.

Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vinyl tutorial and tips for beginners

So many crafters mention that they are afraid of vinyl.  I've thought of putting up some tips, but this morning I read someone on the MB asking if there were blogs with instructions for beginners... and I did it today.  Here goes.  

Don't be afraid!  It's only a very thin sticky thing!!  You can do it!

 Vinyl Vinyl on the Wall, and Tile, and Dishes, etc!! :D

~~Use indoor vinyl, outdoor vinyl, or contact paper.

Place your vinyl on your mat with the backing side down.  Do a test run...  Start out with your pressure, speed, and blade depth all at 3  --you want a 'kiss cut' which is through the vinyl but not the backing.  If that is not right, change one at a time until you find what works on your machine... I set my pressure at 2 and blade at 5 and go fast unless it is very intricate.  Different vinyls may require different settings, too. 

*something I learned the hard way --no matter what I cut, I hit "load paper" when I am done instead of "unload paper."  Then I check to see if it cut properly, and if so, unload.  If it needs to cut again, I can cut again and it will be in the right place!  If I unload and it is not cut through, I have wasted it because there is no way to get it in the exact spot if you reload.

After cutting, 'weed' your vinyl... remove the extra from the backing leaving only your design.  The large parts will just pull off and then you will need tweezers to remove the little inner bits of o, a, etc.
To transfer your design, it is best to use some sort of transfer medium.  That helps keep things straight and spaced right.  **You can just do it with your hands, but depending on the size and stickiness of your vinyl, it will be frustrating and difficult**  "Real" tansfer tape is available but you can also use easy release painter's tape (I did this for a loooong time and it is great except that you can't see through it), contact paper --remove some of the stickiness by sticking it to a blanket or your jeans a couple of times. (I found this too sticky and got frustrated!) 

Real transfer tape is your only option if you need to leave your design on it for awhile before placing on your item.  Personally, I don't like Cricut's transfer tape the best, but I have used it with success. 

Once your transfer tape in on, press firmly with a mat scraper or an old credit card to be sure it adheres to your vinyl well.  

Turn it over, lift the backing off of the design.  

Place design on your surface, press firmly again with your scraper.  Peal transfer tape back at an angle, pressing down if things don't sttck well.  


(Oops!  I didn't get it centered very well!  Another tip... measure!!)

 Once the tape is all off, genlty rub your design again to be sure all is stuck and enjoy!!  

Transfer tape can be reused a couple of times.  Use it over and over for all the parts of a large design or  roll it up for the next time.  

For etching on glass... Wash all items with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly.   Cut your design and be sure to give yourself at least an inch or 2 margin.  This time you will remove the design pieces from the backing. 
 Transfer vinyl to item, placeing carefully, and making sure there are NO bubbles at the edges!!  Place cream on and leave at least 5 minutes. 
You can remove excess with your brush and put back in the bottle- this stuff is expensive and can be reused!  Rinse off remainder, remove vinyl and enjoy.  This is for my kids' Valentine candy.

Types of vinyl:
  • Indoor vinyl is also called removable usually has a matte finish.   It is what Cricut sells- Oracle 631.   Great for your walls!      
  • Outdoor vinyl may be called 'permanent' and is usually glossy.  It is best for tiles, glass blocks, baby wipe containers, car windows, your mailbox, etc.  Some have said they put items done with this through the dishwasher... I would suggest hand washing just to be sure.  Some had said they use permanent on walls and just remove using a hair dryer on low.  Have not tried it... just had to have entire house repainted last April... not going to try it soon!
  • Contact paper can be found in many colors and designs... *be sure it is the kind with a backing. 

Where to get vinyldisclaimer---I have only purchased from H&H and USCutter but have seen good reviews about all of these others on the Cricut MB.  No matter where you get your vinyl, try to figure out your per square foot price.  e.g. 2 12x24 sheets for $9.99=$2.50/sq ft.  Too much!!!  At least use a coupon! :D  Obviously when buying online, the more you buy, the better deal you get.  I buy the 10 yd rolls because I use a lot for large things at church. 
Vinyl is so much fun!  Some days the part that is supposed to stick won't... and the part that isn't supposed to stick will, and you'll be ready to throw it all in the garbage.  Don't!  Keep on trying and you will be thrilled with all that you can do!

I'm hoping to try heat set vinyl for t-shirts next!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Wouldn't this be great?? Then my husband could Cricut his cakes right along side me and my paper!

Sweet Magnolia Rose: CRICIT EXPRESSION W/ 3 CARTRIDGES GIVE AWAY: " Here is my Grand Opening Giveaway :)  For my GRAND OPENING I will be offering a Cricut expression with 3 cartridges. Which are..."

THE BUSY BUG: Busy Bug Babble - "Cart A Week Giveaway"

This is the last week, but worth trying for a FREE cartridge!!

THE BUSY BUG: Busy Bug Babble - "Cart A Week Giveaway"

"bee" mine Valentine card

This valentine card was made for 3 challenges... 
~~MojoMonday #175~use sketch
~~CricutCardz Challenge #59~make valentine card for a child
~~Fantabulous Cricut Challenge~use a neglected cartridge

What I used:
~8.5"x5.5" cardstock for card
~background paper from DCWV "Sweet Stack"
~cardstock from my stash
~heart ribbon
~sentiment from Pooh Font cut at 3/4"
~bee from Pooh and Friends cut at 2" (I think)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vinyl on the Walls

Have I mentioned that I love vinyl???  It's fun for walls, too, since it is quick, 
easy decorating that does not require long term commitment. 

In our bathroom:  (Alpha)

Above my piano in the living room: (OA upright)

At our main entrance before we had to repaint: HA  (It really wasn't pink as it looks!)

The 'new' entryway:  (Brock script and Copperplate Gothic-in MTC)

The kitchen: LL ~and my husband DOES make great pancakes!!

The front hall: both done in MTC


Our bedroom before we had to repaint: OA (So now I NEED to do more!!!)

Our church wall last Christmas: PS and OA

In one of the offices at church: StoneSc
Our western theme VBS in '09: Stamped (I didn't have OW at the time)

Made for a friend to put on their bedroom wall: PS

Thanks for looking!!!

Boy and girl baby pop-up cards

Pop-up cards are so cute!  Check out Capadia Designs blog for instructions. 

I used GBS, NA, MM, and SB for all cuts and set it up in DS to make an A2 card.  My truck and carriage were cut at 2" and next time I'll make the carriage larger.  Embossed with my Scor-pal and used the Cutter Bee Bug on the girl's.  Some ribbon, brads, and a little inking.  There cards are for the babies of 2 friends who are sisters-in-law and delivered less than 24 hours apart. :D

Thanks for looking!  Try one... they are fun to make!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Decorative Journals

I saw this awhile back on GinaK's stamp tv.  Her designs are so classy and I really enjoy her site!!  I've made several and given away in the past, but made these quickly last night for prizes at our ladies meeting at church.  They are very fun, easy, inexpensive, and fast to make!  They make great gifts, too.

What I used:
for the journal:
composition book (usually black and white with hard cover)
cardstock for front, back, and spine- 2 pcs 9-3/4" x 7-1/4" (use corner rounder on 2 corners) and 1 pc 9-3/4" x 3"
patterned paper- 2 pcs  9-1/2" x 7" (use corner rounder on 2 corners)
cardstock and paper for 'panel' can be any size you want- mine are 5"x4" and 4-3/4"x3-3/4"
'labels' are coordinating cardstock and paper at the shape and sizes you want
ribbon is around front cover to hide the seam, then tied and trimmed
add some embellishments

for the pen:
clear pen with bottom that will unscrew
1"x3-1/2" paper rolled tightly, unscrew bottom of pen, insert, re-screw and voila!

Here is where her directions are: (much better than mine!)

Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new toy!!!! has this YourStory bundle for $24.95 so with shipping, it was $40 and some change!  I can't wait to try it all out!  The trimmer is awesome and that thrills me because I've always had trouble finding a trimmer that would cut straight!

Valentine Snowman card for Cricut Cardz Challenge #58

I started doing card challenges just last week and have enjoyed it so much that I went looking for more.  This is my take on the Cricut Cardz Challenge #58... use a snowman from any Cricut cartridge.  I am in valentine mode so I thought "why not a snowman valentine card?" and came up with this little guy.  Hope you like him!

(Sorry for the shadow on the bottom!)

What I used:
  • A2 ready made card
  • Pink background is from SB sized to 5.5"x4.25".  Hearts are from DC
  • My snowman is from DC and is cut at 2-2-1/2" with a black shadow, brown 'blackout', and white body.  I hid the eye, mouth, and button contours in DS and made my own
  • The scarf and shoes are from the JOTS snowman...  I widened the scarf to fit this guy's neck and trimmed the excess from the ends
  • Tags are from VMT
  • Words are from DT and welded

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mojo Monday 174 entry

Monday came again and with it another Mojo Monday sketch.   Set it up in Design Studio yesterday -to get the sizes just right- and cut and made card today.
What I used:

Made all cuts in DS using GBS, MM and SWH
Boysenberry linen testure cardstock for the card
Black linen texture cardstock for the shadow and scalloped square
PP from DCWV Love & Wedding 8x8 kit in a stack -found it on clearance at J's :-)
Small hearts are cut from cardstock in the kit
Embossed with Cuttlebug swiss dots folder
Black gross grain ribbon, some bling, and 'love' stamp

*Sorry I just realized that I must have knocked off a sparkle when tying the ribbon. :-(

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aperture card and Valentine card

I belong to the MCT_Tuts Yahoo! Group and saw the tutorial for an aperture card.   They are really cool!  This is my take on it.  

~The owl silhouette is from the MTC gallery.  To do this, join an oval to the original card front.  Then add the silhouette, making sure it is large enough to overlap a little on to the card.  Weld these together.  Cut a background paper for the opening.  Cut a contrasting paper for the front with the same oval cut out (but no owl in it).  I made a scalloped frame welded to the same size owl.  Cut that twice, so there are really 3 owls.  Use pop dots for some dimension, too.   I added some stickles to the owl for sparkle, so that I would not need to draw a face on him.  Cut and paste, I can do... drawing, not so much! 

I wanted to make some Valentine cards, and started with this one.  Not as thrilled with the outcome as I expected to be while I was designing it in MTC.

~I welded some hearts to the base card shape.  Made a border in pink of the same shapes.  Then did an inset shadow on the smaller ones in a sparkly white paper.  
Added a rectangle, then used the lattice feature.  Brock Script for the 'True Love' and made a shadow layer to weld to the lattice.  I did have to go back and make a thin shadow to use because at this size, the letters would not cut clearly.   I added to small oval openings for the ribbon.  Backed it with the sparkly paper and voila!   I still think it needs something more.  Maybe my paper is too bland.  Any ideas and/or suggestions??

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One more tile... for now! :-)

One more tile... for now.  They really are fun to make!!
The fonts I used are Matisse, Comic Sans, and Curlz, and the snowflake is from basic shapes.

Tile for cat lovers....

This is a great gift for the cat lover!  Used A Child's Year font for the kitty and Camp Out for the paw prints on a 6x6 tile.

Mojo Monday 173 entry

Mojo Monday has a contest and sends a sketch each Monday and this is my entry for the week of 1/10---

All cut using MTC and made with--
K&Company Daydreams paper 
Square brads
Shapelies from Penny Duncan Creations
Stamps (found in a Crafts 2000 clearance bin)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vinyl + Tile = Happiness!

A few years ago, I started cutting vinyl with my Cricut and I have to say, "Hi! My name is Debbie, and I'm addicted to vinyl."  But, honestly, I'm not too concerned about recovering!

Here are a few tiles I've done.....

This is an 8x10 tile... used Plantin Schoolbook, Home Accents, and Stone Script.

12x12 tile using Stone Script and George

6x6 tiles  -Be Still... used Opposites Attract and Home Accents.  Coffee... used Alphalicious and Joys of the Season (realized after that GS had a mug)

8x10 tile... Alphalicious, Home Accents, Opposites Attract

8x10 for our dentist friend :-)  Alphlicious

Can I start using abbreviations, please??  Thanks!!
12x12...HA, PS, C101

8x10... SB, GS, LL

8x10...LL and PS

6x6... LL, EDPD


8x10... Alpha, ACY

One more... 6x6 -LL, PDDU

These are so fun to make and give!! Try some!!!