Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogging is not my forte!!

I don't have a card or LO to post right now because I just spent the afternoon pulling my hair out.  It's a good job that I have lots or I would have pulled it ALL out this afternoon!  And if you were looking at my blog today and wondering at all the weirdness, I am sorry!   (FYI, I have a little computer knowledge but not much.  I have told my husband he is NOT allowed to die since he is the one who fixes things when I hit those buttons I should not!)

I thought I'd make my blog a little cuter (actually I think it could use a LOT of 'cuter'ness) so went to find a cute blog background.  None of the background seemed to fit my template, so I found a template.   Not a good thing!  I changed the template and all my gadgets were big time screwed up!  One of the banners that I used to have were appearing over the blogger taskbar so I could no longer design or even sign in!  I finally realized that if I went to another blog I could get to the blogger, but then the banners were appearing at random spots covering my gadgets. 

And I just lost my cursor!  How does that happen???   It shows up outside this window but not in here.  ????!!???  

Anyway, I will post this if I can actually hit the post button with NO CURSOR!!!    It is a good job that I am not a 'curser' or I would be doing that right about now!!   edit:  I just previewed my post and now it has returned.

SO now there is a funny blue haze on my page and things still aren't as I wish, but at least I can sign in and post again!!

Grrrrr, Blogger!  (But I guess it is kind of like FB... I don't pay a cent so I'd better not complain too loudly!  :)

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Nita T. said...

Your post made me laugh - not because it's funny, but because I DID THE SAME THING! HA! I tried to make it pretty and ended up messing it all up big time. Then I had to start all over again. After that, I haven't tried to change a thing. As much as I feel your pain, it makes me feel SOOOO much better that there are other technologically-challenged people in the world. :)

Hope you get everything straightened out soon.!



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