Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pop-top can Valentine gifts

My Kitchen-Aid can opener was great for many years, but about a month ago, it died.  *moment of silence*
My husband bought one that opens the can with "no sharp metal edges"!  Thought came to mind (but not expressed) "Why didn't you get me another Kitchen Aid opener??"  But then I had a light bulb moment... I can now make pop top can gifts!!

I made them for my kids for Valentine's Day today! :)   Here they are...  (scroll down for pics and instructions)  I'm entering this is the Cuttlebug Spot Sweetheart Challenge -hearts (mine are embossed) and a stamp.

Cloud9Design, K&Company, Me & My Big Ideas, and Basic Grey papers
My kids LOVED them!!  One of my daughter's said, "Oh, I've got to get a picture of this before I open it!"
Argyle Cuttlebug folder on band  (this was my son's)

can't remember where I got this stamp

Cuttlebug Love Stamp folder, tag is heat embossed

Here's how to make one...

1. Open your pop top can on the bottom.   These soup cans are kind of big... the mandarin orange cans are a great size, but I didn't have enough of them.   If your family is helping you get your stash of cans, make sure everyone knows to save the bottom they cut off!!! :)

2. Have lunch :)

3. Remove label and clean out well
4. Cut your paper to fit around the can (this one was 4 3/4" x 10 1/2")  Use a strong adhesive especially on the edge that laps over.  I used Sticky Strip on that edge and used my ATG tape on the other edges.
5. Cover can.  I added a second band around that I had embossed.
6. Cover lid, if desired.  I had to cover the lid because it had writing on it.  Cut a circle that fits and cut out the area around the tab.

7. Fill with goodies and 'top' (it will be on the bottom when opened) with basket filler, if desired.
8. Put a bead of hot glue around the rim of the bottom.  **Lesson learned... DO NOT use low temp glue!  It will harden before you can get the lid on!  
9. Place on can and push all sides in.  I used my little hammer (I think it was for eyelets) to help get it on tight.  It dries quickly so you have to move fast or you'll be pulling it off, removing the glue and doing it again.   Yeah, I learned that lesson, too! 

10. Embellish sides and top as desired.  It is such a fun gift!  Most people will wonder where you bought a can of their favorite candy!  Crafty people will wonder "How did you do that??"   Just smile!!

Thanks for dropping by!!!


Nita said...

This is AMAZING! How creative! And what a fun gift! Thanks so much for providing such detailed instructions - I can see myself prepping these for the next Birthday party. :)

Chris - Creations in Bloom said...

Totally brilliant. Now I'm your newest follower. I think you'll be teaching me a lot. : ) What a super cool idea. (Thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming a follower. You made my night!)

Kerry said...

What a fantastic idea and they are all so pretty. Thanks for joining in at the Cuttlebug Spot this week.

Helen said...

These are great - a lovely gift!
Thanks for playing at the Cuttlebug Spot...I hope you'll join us tomorrow for another fun challenge!
Helen x

Kathleen Sawyer said...

What a great idea. I am going to try rhis for my kidos for easter!
Thanks for the great instructions!


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