Friday, May 4, 2012

Some yummies to share!!

I'm sorry that I've been so neglectful of my blog and blog visiting!!  It really is because I am crafting!   I am making the decorations, favors, etc for our Mother/Daughter Luncheon next weekend.  I will post some pics once that is all done, but I have kept busy with that and have not had much time for any other crafting.

We had some friends over for dinner tonight and everything was delicious!!!  That sounds a little arrogant since I was the cook, but it is true!  Here are the recipes...  (pics are from the blogs... we ate all ours!)

Easy Peasy Chicken Legs
Only 4 ingredients but soooooo moist and delicious!!!!!!!

Southern Style Mac & Cheese  (I fixed it so the link is correct now)
This will be my 'go to' recipe for mac n cheese!!!  Everyone loved it!

Baked S'mores
Made 3 batches this week!!  :)  I used an 8x12 pan and only baked them for 20-22 min.
Yummy!  Yummy!!  Yummy!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you can take a break from crafting, try these recipes!!


Sherrie K. said...

Oooh boy...I should not be looking at this yummy food...I am so starving right now. I wish I could put my hand thru the screem and grab that yummy chicken,lol!
send the leftovers my way..haha!
Have a great night and hope you had a fun time with your friends!

Sherrie K

Jennifer said...

Wow, these look scruptious! I must try these!
Enjoy your crafting! Look forward to see what you've been doing!

Raquel said...

Debbie! I cannot believe you linked the recipes for these food items! HAH HAH HAH... those smores... WOW!

Thanks for these!

Sandy said...

It's past breakfast but too early for lunch...may have to have brunch after seeing all these yummies! Sounds like a great meal! Hopefully, I didn't gain weight from the "eye calories!"

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh love the look of the Mac & Cheese--yummy!

Asha said...

Oh my oh my! Looks so utterly delish. I'm definitely making the chicken...and the mac & cheese for dinner this evening. Thank you for sharing the recipes.


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