Wednesday, February 2, 2011

90th birthday card -Mojo176

Monday came around and with it MojoMonday's sketch.  I had no clue what to make then got an email about my uncle's 90th birthday party.  I won't be able to attend, but I will send him a card, and I hope it makes him smile!  The outside is vintage (like he is!) but the inside is... look and see...

When you open it, this pops out...
 Remember making these in elementary school?  (folding 2 pcs of paper to make something pop out)

What I used:
Heritage for the silhouette, background, and plate
MM for the scalloped circle
CK for 90
DT for the 'sunburst' and shadow
1" strips folded for the 'spring'

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Jega said...

Debbie, I just love this card and all the other things you do. The vinyl is to die for. Thank you for sharing. I in turn have awarded your blog with the Stylish Blogger award! Your blog is very beautiful. Easy to read.
Please stop by my blog to pick up you award with instructions.
I have become one of your followers. I sure hope you will follow me.
Congratulations - Jega


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