Sunday, January 30, 2011

MTC Designs - Argyle card & music border 'punch'

I love Argyle!  I've thought it would be nice on a card, so I used MTC and made a file to cut a panel of it.  This is a 5" x 7" card.  If you are part of the MTC_Tut Yahoo group, the file is available in "Debbie's Designs" folder in the shared files.
Cricut's 12x24 cardstock is awesome!  It cuts so easily and smoothly!  These were multicut 2x.  The colors are better in person!

What I used:
bottom layer--dk purple Cricut cardstock
second layer--light purple Cricut cardstock
third layer--yellow Cricut cardstock
top layer--white Cricut cardstock
ribbon and stamp from my stash

I saw a border punch at Joann's and thought, "I could make that effect in MTC."  So I came home and tried.  I like it!  I made files for edges for the top and both sides and an accent piece.  I welded the file to a rectangle to get the size of an A2 card.  I wanted to just test it out so grabbed the first color I came across... Oops!  I'm not an orange fan.  But it cut so well that I decided to make a card with it.  The stamp is from J's and was on clearance... now I know why... the stamp was not cut cleanly and that's why 'WISHES' looks messy.  

What I used:
orange and black (behind cut out) Cricut cardstock
$1 ribbon
pre-cut circle (pkg was $.01 and M's!!!)
messy stamp :D

This file is also in the MTC group.  I am going to try to find a way to put files on here... I'm new to all of this.

Thanks for looking!!!

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